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Access for the Blind
and Visually Impaired

Responsive, voice activated software to make computer tasks easier.


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ACCESS Blind Tech - Making Computer Tasks Easier for the Blind

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About the ACCESS Blind Tech Program

Using only your voice with a headset, ACCESS works with Narrator, the screen reader provided in Windows 10, to undertake a range of tasks with or without connection to the Internet. The boxes below lay out what can be done with the ACCESS blind tech software.

ACCESS without Wifi:

  • Access to programs
  • User information
  • Shut down and restart
  • Notification Window
  • Desktop
  • Taskbar
  • Volume control
  • Settings Menu
  • Dictate emails, notes, lists, and more offline in a text-based format and then post it to a program
  • Instant voice access to commands and help.

ACCESS with Wifi:

  • Full voice control of your browser with access to all commands such as history and settings
  • Send emails with the default Windows email program and navigate all aspects of the program with instructions.
  • Search the Internet, including a robust local search using AI services.
  • Smart features to check sound-alike words, pronouns, grammar, and punctuation with instant playback.

If the features noted seem like something that will make life using a computer a lot easier, then sign-up to be notified when the program is ready for sale.

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