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Access for the Blind
and Visually Impaired

Responsive, voice activated software to make computer tasks easier.


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ACCESS Blind Tech - Making Computer Tasks Easier for the Blind

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Access Technologies - Our Story

In the summer of 2017 Christopher met a man who has been blind from birth. Over the next few months circumstances provided the opportunity for him explore the world of the blind. Seeing first-hand the high-cost and limited technology available, it didn't take long for Christopher to conclude that, "There has to be a better way."

It took a year of getting up at 3:00 a.m. to work on the project for five hours before going to his regular job. Those early-morning hours started with learning all he could about the current technology and the challenges the blind and visually impaired face every day trying to function in a digital world, particularly in a work environment. The next step was visualizing a solution for each challenge. That step led to teaching himself how to write code and then pull it all together into one program that could be sold in the Microsoft Store.  

The result of all his hard work is Access, a voice-activated program that enables users to write in a variety of applications, browse the Internet, and get answers to basic questions like, "What time is it?" with just a headset and microphone.

Of course, enterprises such as Access Technologies are seldom built alone. Christopher’s wife, Rhonda, provided valuable support with ideas and feedback as the program was being built as well as research. His mom, Norah LeClare, used her skills to design this website, the Facebook page and the logo. She is also able to offer advice and financial know-how gained from over 40 years of being in business.

Chris & Rhonda Coughlin-Mutch with their chainsaw carved bears.